Red Eyes - Spatial (album CD) [shipping on mondays]

Image of Red Eyes - Spatial (album CD) [shipping on mondays]


With deep underground grooves as a fundament trough the album, Red Eyes explore dubstep, garage, house, techno and electronica trough the prism of their own interpretations, always keeping the creativity flowing. Listening to Spatial will take you onto a journey trough the future of bass music : the combination of creativity on each track will instantly captivate your attention. You will find elements of Skream, Burial, Rusko, Lee Perry, Boards of Canada, Joker, Phaeleh, Autechre, Mala, Subscape and a lot more in their music but Red Eyes always end up making every influence theirs.


1. Intro
2. Moving Parts
3. Chain Gang
4. She Likes Dub
5. The Brightest Star
6. You Don't Understand
7. Subversion
8. Something In Mind
9. All Things Pass